Hé Pannenkoek

Hé Pannenkoek

Right next to the dunes, close to the beach, is Pavilion Hé Pannenkoek. After a wonderful day at the beach or a brisk bike ride through Westland, you can take a moment to relax at the comfortable bences on the terrace. Enjoy a refreshing drink while the children play in the renewd playground. 

Takeaway Menu

At Beach Park Vlugtenburg we also have a takeaway menu! View it below or download it here

Start your day with a delicious breakfast!

It is also time for a holiday for mom and dad. But then again, who prepares breakfast in the morning? The kids? Probably not! That is why we offer you the ideal solution: we will prepare your breakfast! This way you can sleep in and then have a delicious breakfast.

You can order a complete breakfast for only € 6.95 and of course we will tidy everything up! (Breakfast in our restaurant is possible from 10 people or more).

Would you prefer to have breakfast in your own bungalow? When you check in at Strandpark Vlugtenburg you will receive an order list or you can order online trough our webshop. From this list you can choose which freshly baked rolls  or croissants you want to receive. They’ll be delivered the next day around 9:00 AM at your doorstep. Return the completed list before 17:00 at the reception or at the Restaurant.

BBQ or Gourmet

You will receive a BBQ / Gourmet list when you check-in. If you want to use one of the two, order this always 24 hours in advance at the reception or our restaurant. You can choose from various options regarding meat or fish (bread and sauces are included). We deliver the BBQ or gourmet with all the goodies at the agreed time at your bungalow or camping spot.

Are you with a large group and do not want to do everything by yourself? Then come over to our restaurant and have a nice BBQ or gourmet in our Pavilion!

Not: the bbq and gourmet cannot be delivered at our Pipowagens on the beach!


Something to celebrate?

Is it your birthday, or are you getting married and you are looking for a place to celebrate? Then contact Paviljoen Hé Pannenkoek!

Pavilion Hé Pannenkoek is a cozy location, located on the dunes and near by the beach. Our Restaurant is the ideal location for your party; rain or shine.

If the weather is good, you can have a BBQ on our terrace. The service staff ensures that your guests do not have an empty glass. Of course we also provide a tasty snack!

When the ponchos have to appear, we take the guests inside where of our restaurant.

There are of course many more options for filling in your party. Contact us and we will be happy to discuss the options with you.


The new outdoor playground at Strandpark Vlugtenburg has been opened. It is not just a playground … But a real play paradise with a gi-gan-ti climbing tower. Guaranteed hours of entertainment for all children!

Playground opening

It is a challenging and versatile playground with something for every child. Various climbing machines and panels ensure an unforgettable gaming adventure. Children from 2 to 14 years can play here to their heart’s content, without and with limitations.

A big plus is that the playground is adjacent to the Hé Pannenkoek restaurant where the parents can relax on the terrace. And be honest, which parent does not want that ??!


Opening Hours

The restaurant is open daily from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The closing time may be slightly different during holidays and balmy summer evenings.

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